Apply For a Scholarship to Attend the Summit

We have good news to share!  Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to provide some partial, full, or work-study scholarships to need-based and merit-based innovators to attend the Summit.  

How do you qualify?  Fill out this form, including the mini-essay below.  Address these points...

  • You must demonstrate merit.  This means that you have proven ability to contribute meaningfully to the conference, particularly on the core topic of innovation ecosystems.  You can come from any line of work, any sector.  You might be an entrepreneur, policymaker, student, inventor, engineer, researcher, civil servant, executive, teacher, or virtually anything else.  However, you must be someone who pushes the boundaries of your profession.

  • You must demonstrate need.  This means that you otherwise would not be able to afford to attend the Summit.  This could be for any reason. We give strong preference to people who must travel far.

  • Please specify what type of scholarship you seek.  Are you are seeking partial, full, or work-study scholarships?  Or are you open to any of those options?  Note that it is far easier for us to provide partial scholarships.  We can only give out a handful of full scholarships.  We are also looking for some people who can "work" at the Summit to earn their spot.

  • This covers your conference registration only.  You must handle your own hotel and travel costs.

We will make selections as quickly as possible, so that scholarship recipients can make plans to attend the Summit on February 17-19, 2015.  Good luck, and we hope to see you soon!

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Please write a mini-essay to answer the question: Why do you seek this scholarship to attend the Summit? Please explain your interest, qualifications, and need. All answers will be kept confidential.
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