Global Innovation Week is a Silicon Valley-wide festival celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit.  More than 20 events with 1,000 attendees from 50 countries are expected. The Valley welcomes the world on February 15-21, 2015.  

  • What? GIW is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on building ecosystems that accelerate innovative products, new solutions to huge challenges, and systemic economic impact.
  • Who? Everyone who shares a common interest in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. GIW is an open community, and any person or group can apply to host an event.
  • How? Activities, open houses, tours, conversations, discussions, panels, and workshops that provide opportunities to share and learn from great minds around the world.  
  • Why? To convene the world’s ecosystem builders and spark conversations from all walks of life, all corners of the planet.

Interested in hosting your own event?

Last year's events included:

* Each event is independent of GIS and there might be additional fees or registration requirements.