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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2014, 8:30AM – 5:30PM

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2014, , 8:30AM – 5:30PM


Hosted by: Franchise for Humanity

Franchise for Humanity Feb 20-21, Stanford University #F4H



As part of the Global Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley, we are convening a 2-day gathering of a select group people who see the potential for a better future and are ready to re-imagine the future as one that offers the right and privilege to more and more people to live and thrive. A global innovation eco system is in formation: Each of us have the choice to let it be driven by others and hope for the best, or we can choose to engage so that more people have the opportunities that those of us thriving today, have been afforded. This gathering will bring together people from around the world to meet with like-minded people from Silicon Valley and across the United States to develop a franchise for humanity, that will serve as a launching pad for communities around the world to tap into the potential that has emerged here in Silicon Valley. The concepts we come up with at this gathering will lay the groundwork for a global innovation eco-system that offers new life opportunities and is welcoming to people of all persuasions, race and religion, caste and class. 

The program will be held at the Nora Suppes Hall Stanford University:

In our community of friends and colleagues in Silicon Valley and beyond, we have tapped speakers of extraordinary talent and dedication –a select group at the Franchise for Humanity is coming together, to share what we are learning, at the dawn of a new age where today’s people and policies are shaping the future.

WE know we need to learn from YOU.

So, join us, if you are someone who senses the importance of connecting deeper with others engaged in creating opportunities for many more people in the world!

From experience, we’ve seen that even extraordinarily talented people of goodwill can be stymied by many factors. Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Prize, yet as microfinance expanded, and the world financial crisis took hold, unethical practices have lead to 1000’s of suicides. For any social enterprise to achieve the intended outcome set at the beginning, ethics and integrity must be paramount, and a network of trust and relationship needs to be built to buttress our human frailty.

An enlightened and evolved form of trust includes both a willingness to be measured and a willingness to have others review our efforts. The Open Source movement is a great example of people coming together at the grass roots to develop better software and get better at getting better.

Learning from Open Source, the Franchise for Humanity seeks to learn together and from each other, practices that combine passion and participation, capacities to augment competence with caring, and skills to support intuition tested through sharp-eyed follow through.

The journey will be very difficult, and can be daunting and discouraging without trusted allies. To find trusted allies requires an investment in relationships that take time to develop and are tested over and over again. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; we invite you to take that step with us toward the Franchise for Humanity. The journey begins for us, the journey begins with YOU.

Franchise for Humanity is an exclusive 2-day program with experts who are working on social, technical and educational initiatives on panels interspersed with interactive exercises that combine aspiration, participation, and engagement. We have openings for 25 lucky people to join us –an extraordinary participant to speaker ratio of 2:1.

(in alphabetical order)

Social Innovation, USA, Spain  @Inov8_4_Good


Sandy Bates is a noted author and international speaker.   Her book, The Social Innovation Imperative (McGraw-Hill) was released in January 2012 and her speaking engagements include the Platform for Innovation in Vienna, Austria 2013, Edison Awards 2013, and Universidad de Murcia 2014.  CEO and Founder of The Innovation Partners, she is a dynamic innovation entrepreneur, marketing strategist, speaker and author. She has mentored, coached and led more than 100 innovation initiatives, helping her executive teams launch award winning products, services and programs. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies and mid sized organizations in dozens of industries, non-profits, and government agencies. She has been a thought leader for breakthrough innovation programs for the past twenty years. She has also served as Chief Marketing Officer for two entrepreneurial organizations, one of which she took public in March 2000. 

Sandy has most recently turned her focus to social innovation – applying the same successful innovation techniques to complex problems that our society struggles with such as health care, education, natural resource management, homelessness, government innovation, and many others.  She was also heavily involved in the writing and publication of What Customers Want (by Anthony Ulwick). Sandy currently serves on the Edison Award steering committee, the advisory board of TIC Biomed in Murcia, Spain, and provides marketing expertise to up-and-coming entrepreneurs at University of NC Wilmington’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and serves other local boards in her hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Creativity Research Labs, Montana, Silicon Valley @terrybeaubois

Terry Beaubois is an architect, researcher, and educator. (M.Arch, Michigan). Terry practiced architecture in Silicon Valley (1976-2006) and was involved with NASA, Adobe, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, and other tech companies. From 2006-2013, Terry was the founding director of the Creative Research Lab at Montana State University. His architectural practices created high tech offices and facilities, hospitals, resort-hotels, and single family homes, Terry’s work has featured an ecoSMART approach to planning, design, and construction. Terry is currently dedicated to projects that will maintain and improve the Quality of Life in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Health Education, USA  @FocusCatalyst


Betsy Burroughs leads one of the most renowned Salons in San Francisco as Focus Catalyst. Ideas and insights are different, as insights have action embedded in them. Betsy figures out easy ways for individuals and teams to have more insights.

Green Energy, US-China


Jim Caldwell has consulted with multiple Fortune 100 Corporations, government organizations and non-profits in the USA and China to facilitate cross cultural and interdisciplinary alliances and team building while they developed software tools to improve communications and cross cultural management. He explains, harmonizes and applies international, national and local standards in the fields of Green Energy, Smart Grids, Green Building and resilient community development in the face of increasing pollution, diminishing resources (from waste), and climate change. He currently serves as a Director, US-China Green Energy Council, and Chairman of its Green Building and Eco-City Task forces where he organizes conferences between US and Chinese organizations to create collaborative projects for mutual benefit through sustainable growth.  Video interview

Visual Journalism, USA, Global @visualinsight


Eileen Clegg founded Visual Insight after discovering the value of bringing together her experience with three disciplines: journalism, art, and research in the future of learning. The practice she calls “visual journalism” began with documenting presentations and meetings she attended for her research. Rather than recording everything that was said, she found herself selecting the key ideas and new concepts that fit together as a coherent story. Intuitively, the story would take a literal shape as an image, through interplay of intuition, logic and old fashioned objective reporting.  Eileen has been a professional writer her entire career and has used art to frame ideas as far back as she can remember. She was a daily news journalist for 20 years, has written numerous books and articles, has been affiliated with Institute for the Future conducting research on learning since 1999. She brought her art and writing together professionally in 2000.

While the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony honored people contributing to peace on today’s Earth, a group of young people joined in with their vision for peace in the future world. Twenty-five students and social entrepreneurs chosen for the Telenor Youth Summit imagined innovative ways to bring safety, health, community and lifelong learning to diverse geographies.  Bringing perspectives from 13 different countries, they came up with practical solutions to overwhelming challenges, including female empowerment, education, health & quality of life, digital responsibility, democracy and equality. They presented their cross-cultural solutions to global leaders of government, business and education at a reception before the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.  Eileen was visual journalist for the occasion.

Technology, Education, USA, Japan


Richard Dasher at Stanford university directs the US-Asia Technology Management Center and Executive Director of the Center for Integrated Systems He holds Consulting Professor appointments at Stanford in the Departments of Electrical Engineering (technology management), Asian Languages and Cultures (Japanese business), and at the Asia-Pacific Research Center for his work with the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is also faculty adviser to student-run organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society and Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Foresight Panel of the German Ministry of Education and Research. In 2010 he served as a consultant to The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in regard to their establishment of a worldwide remote mentoring program for entrepreneurs. He received M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Linguistics from Stanford University.

Public Health, USA


Dan Desmond is President of The SIMI Group, a leading innovator in healthcare, public health and community health solutions.  Long a champion of interoperable standards in healthcare and other domains, he has spearheaded government and non-governmental transformative change through the application of technology in a meaningful manner.  His forte is bringing together government, non-government and private sector leaders and stakeholders to achieve a unified vision to develop and implement sustainable solutions to common problems.  Since 2010, the Health Resilience Exchange has demonstrated the power of public-private collaborations.  He is currently a co-Director of the Beacon Educational, Analytical and Coordination Hub (BEACH).

Video Interview

Getting Better at Getting Better, USA


Karen Engelbart will be speaking at the evening social on Thursday – reprising some of the remarks she made at the Computer History Museum event heralding the life and legacy of Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart. The Franchise for Humanity launch event is dedicated to the memory of Doug, who continues to inspire many of the organizers and speakers at the gathering.

Youth Mentorship, Atlanta, USA  @mcetheridge

Marje’ Etheridge.png

Marje’ Etheridge is CEO of Sustain Atlanta, and extraordinary at keeping fun and creativity in all she does. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by a single mom, Marje’ is a graduate of St. Louis University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Mathematical Computer Science. She attended graduate school at Howard University in Washington, DC. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1989 she started at BellSouth Mobility as a temporary clerk. In three weeks, they hired her as a Systems Analyst. In 1995 she received an award as a Corporate Ambassador. Her first entrepreneurial venture Glorious Treasures focused on decorative crafts, which she sold and taught for 12 years throughout Atlanta’s Senior Multipurpose Centers. In 2001 she released her first CD entitled, ”A Love Invasion”.

Her brother was murdered in 1996 at the age of 21. His world was filled with violence and death reflected in his videos and their lyrics. In 2005, Marje’ entered the non-profit and faith-based world working as a Program Manager for One Economy Corporation. She started her own foundation, CrimeOut, to help youth see that crime doesn’t pay, she designed the marketing campaign “Dream to Lead” for youth to get involved in the political arena for positive community impact. She was instrumental in starting “I’m BooKed!” to inspire kids to read. In 2007, Marje’ started DreamMart International, LLC for helping people live their dreams. She co-founded the Better World Tour with an agenda to drive socially responsible media, sustainable living and literacy. Marje’ is an Executive Film Producer of an upcoming major motion picture on human trafficking in Atlanta. She is producing “Look Who’s Cooking” addressing the obesity problem in America’s youth.

Participant, Silicon Valley

Bill Fenwick @BillCurosity

The Happiness Initiative, Seattle, USA


John de Graaf is a documentary filmmaker and the co-author of two books: Affluenza: Why Overconsumption is killing us and how to fight back;  and What’s the Economyfor, Anyway? He is the Executive Director of Take Back Your Time (www.timeday.org) and co-founder of The Happiness Initiative (www.happycounts.org).  In early 2013, he was part of an International Expert Working Group advising the government of Bhutan on its Gross National Happiness report to the United Nations.  He has taught at the Evergreen State College and the University of Washington.

Learning What’s Next, US, Global


Brandon Hall is a leading independent expert in e-learning. His company helps organizations make decisions about technology through reports, advising and presentations. He is the author of the Web-Based Training Cookbook and is a featured speaker at conferences around the world, including Berlin, Singapore, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. His Ph.D in Educational Psychology was earned at West Virginia University. He served on the faculty of San Francisco State University’s Multimedia Studies Program. Dr. Hall publishes about 25 reports a year on e-learning and is a columnist for the Chief Learning Officer magazine. A recognized researcher in the field, he has been interviewed by Fortune, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Business Week, among others.  Dr. Hall has advised groups including Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Motorola, Goldman Sachs, Westinghouse, and the U.S. Army, among others. Dr. Hall chairs the annual Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, now in its 20th year, the first and most sought after recognition program within the e-learning industry.

Youth & Health California, USA


Antonio Hernandez is in his sixth year and is the first National President of this 150,000 strong youth organization: Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)-Future Health Professionals.   Antonio is a State and National Gold Medalist in Medical Reading.  His leadership journey began with two years as President of the Dozier-Libbey Medical High School HOSA Chapter taking him to the leadership of California HOSA as State President. He is a sophomore at Stanford University pursuing a degree in Economics while on the pre-med track. He hopes to become a medical malpractice lawyer with a strong medical background.
The phenomenal growth of HOSA has pushed Antonio to strive to reach his fullest potential!  He loves the knowledge that each HOSA member possesses and wants to expand the networking opportunities available to members in order to create an expansive resource of HOSA knowledge. From HOSA to his other passions in life, Antonio loves a quote from his elementary school teacher, “Good enough isn’t”.

Women & Leadership, USA, Middle East


Francine Gordon is Chair of SVForum Tech Women and a pioneer in the modern women’s movement. After earning her PhD from Yale she was one of the first two women on the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She’s held senior management roles at several high tech firms, spent 5+ years with Boston Consulting Group as a Global Organization Manager, and co-founded a professional repertory theatre. She works with global companies addressing innovation, teamwork, leadership, and the advancement of women. She teaches at Stanford Continuing Studies, Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business, and at Infotec (in Mexico).  Her special interests include enhancing creativity in individuals and organizations and facilitating the development and advancement of women executives.  A recovering perfectionist, she also helps professionals who have self-limiting beliefs and unrealistically high standards find ways to free themselves to achieve their full potential.   She is the organizer of TEDxBayAreaWomen.

Video Interview

Participation Economy, Millennials, USA @NathanJames_SF


Nathan James is CEO of Fishbone Marketing a conference producer that brings people together for commerce, for community, and for good. He produces Share.Like.Buy. Marketing + Millennials, the world’s leading conference about marketing to youth, now in its fourth year. He has spoken widely about the impact of the Internet era on human communication and business ethics. Nathan is the son of Dust Bowl babies who escaped the farm to become a professor and a judge, now he lives in Russian Hill, San Francisco. His gigs include: Newspaper editormagazine investigative journalistflak catcher, copywriter, creative director, rainmaker, college instructor, novelist, and entrepreneur. He earned a BA from Georgia State University and his MFA from Columbia University where he learned with legendary figures: Russell BanksHarold BrodkeyMilos Forman, Stephen Koch, Gordon LishBernard MalamudSharon OldsCynthia Ozick, and Robert Pinsky.  His vision emerged before Facebook and LinkedIn: The Internet created radical transparency, and companies would either embrace it or be crushed. Everything about a company’s internal operations – from morale to pay scales – would be visible to the world. Business owners’ only sustainable choice was to lead their companies as social institutions, responsible to all.

TEDxBayArea, Open Cancer Network, Azerbaijian, USA @glfce


Tatyana Kanzaveli has gone from a computer programmer to senior executive at Big 5 to founder and CEO of a startup company along her 20-year career, and she is recognized as a thought leader and mentor for her ability to guide Fortune 500 and startup companies through business challenges. She's worked for major companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Fujitsu and with startups since the early days of the Web, personally working with companies to jump from $0 to millions in revenue even during the toughest economic times. She opened new verticals and markets, with special expertise in Europe and US markets. Today she is the founder and CEO of Open Cancer Network, the startup in a Big Data/Healthcare space. She is a mentor at 500Startups and serves on boards for private companies. She also is licensee and organizer of renowned TEDxBayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs conferences; Tatyana is a frequent speaker at US and International conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing. 

Video Interview

ASEAN+3 Student Entrepreneurs, USA, SE Asia @tjkosnik


Tom Kosnik is a Consulting Professor in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. He teaches Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program. His research and course development involves: Global Technology Marketing; Selling and Negotiating Across Cultures; Improving Performance of Global Products, Projects, and Account Relationships. He teaches New Venture Creation for the National University of Singapore and is a Fellow of the Stanford Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness.

Re-thinking Health Education, USA

Valerie Landau.png

Valerie Landau is Director of Assessment at Samuel Merritt University, a 100 year old Institution that is transforming the way health professionals learn, starting with innovative visual and auditory modes of reviewing and tracking the outcomes of learning and teaching innovations from first insight, to ongoing outcomes. Valerie co-authored The Engelbart Hypothesis with Eileen Clegg.  Video Interview

Personal Resilience, India, USA


Steve Leventhal is Executive Director of CorStone, a global nonprofit based in Mill Valley, CA. CorStone develops and implements evidence-based ‘personal resilience’ interventions and research initiatives to improve the health, education, and self-sufficiency of marginalized youth around the world.

Personal Resilience refers to an individual’s capacity to 'bounce back' and thrive despite significant adversity. Personal Resilience is not an innate talent or quality. Rather, it’s the result of a set of skills and supports that can be learned and cultivated. Building personal resilience is a foundational step in helping people to thrive—one which is often missing in current global development policies and programs. CorStone believes that cultivating personal resilience represents a significant paradigm shift in worldwide efforts to improve health, increase academic achievement among youth, and reduce poverty.

CorStone programs combine a low-cost ‘train-the-trainer’ methodology with rigorous certification. Delivered in partnership with governments, schools and local community-based organizations, its programs are effective, sustainable and scalable in even the most low-resourced settings. Since its inception in 1975, CorStone has provided trainings and programs to thousands of youth and children from over 50 countries.

Participant, Center for Design Research, Stanford


Ade Mabogunje   @ade4m

Symphony of Wellness, USA


John Mattison  is Assistant Medical Director, Chief Medical Information Officer.

Kaiser Permanente, Southern California and is dedicated to advancing Health Information Technology at Kaiser Permanente and to advancing health policy at both state and federal levels. He designed and implemented his first EHR in 1984 and has designed or implemented six additional EHRs since then.  He chairs both regional and national IT investment portfolios for Kaiser Permanente.  His team led the first and largest deployment of KP HealthConnect, the largest private health record deployment in the nation.  He continues to lead scores of innovation projects throughout Kaiser Permanente, ranging from mobile healthcare apps, social analytics and interventions, telemedicine, big data analytics, and the behavioral economics of change.  He is currently launching a project to transform how complex data sets, including genomic, microbiomics, exposomics, socialomics and phenomics can be transformed through visualization into intuitive representations. His primary goal is to harvest the exponential growth of knowledge about health and use it to help individuals participate more directly in improving their own health and resilience and at the same time engage their communities in broader initiatives around health promotion for all members of the community.

Global Tools for Participation, USA, the World


Kevin Montgomery is CEO of Intelesense Technologies and Senior Researcher at the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University, and formerly the Director of the National Biocomputation Center there, where his team developed advanced technologies in medicine for NASA, the US Dept. of Defense, the National Institute of Health, and others. Dr Montgomery is a serial entrepreneur and has earned a Smithsonian Award in telemedicine, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of California. He has over 25 years of technical experience and 20 years of management experience leading high-performance teams in academia, government, and industry.

Entertainment & Movies, California, USA - @DOMEntertain @WingsOfLoveIntl


Denise O’Brien is the CEO of DOME Consulting, LLC, the parent company of Denise O’Brien Movies & Entertainment, an award-winning boutique PR firm which provides innovative branding and public relations strategies for a star-studded array of corporations, producers, directors, actors, singer/songwriters, beauty queens and empowered women from Hollywood to Atlanta to London, Dubai, Africa and Canada. DOME also specializes in discovering funding, designing crowd-funding campaigns, sponsorship and bookings for filmmakers, celebrity speakers, artists, fashion designers, songwriters, musicians, authors and small corporations. Denise is also widely recognized in the areas of nonprofit fundraising, collateral investment, event execution, beauty and fashion.

A highly charismatic and influential published author, award-winning public relations executive, passionate publicist, and generous philanthropist, she is a top-level sales management professional who has successfully started six companies and collaborates with dozens of other companies worldwide. Denise motivates the lives of thousands globally with her joy and inner beauty. Her inspirational leadership, unequaled integrity, sophisticated elegance, smooth networking style, down-to-earth personality and proven ability to lead others has been widely respected for more than three decades.

Participant, USA @dsfederal

Michael Parker

Renewing Science, USA, Finland   @salinerok


Kennan Salinero is the founder of Yámana Science and Technology.  Kennan received her PhD in biochemistry from UC San Diego, doing structure/function analysis of membrane proteins under Dr. Jack Kyte.  Kennan has held positions in numerous institutions within the basic sciences, including as a faculty member at Georgetown University (Dept of Chemistry), Celera Genomics (during the human genome project), and at  UCBerkeley and the Joint Genome Institute (genomics analysis of a soil microbe).  Those several roles in science, plus previous work at two National Labs (Los Alamos and Livermore) allows her to see science from the inside out.

Her current work is to help science transition the very fabric of how we 'do' science in the United States.  She feels that science, like every other sector of the global enterprise (Health, Food, Clean water, Banking, Housing, Climate Change, Loss of biodiversity), is undergoing cataclysmic stresses that call for fundamental choices to create the kind of future we want. Her model for change most closely follows that of Sir Roland Jackson, previous President of the Royal Society in the United Kingdom and current Director of ScienceWise, UK.  It includes dialog, the use of Open Space, appreciative inquiry, and finding positive outliers.

She currently serves on the board of Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group (Northern California), TEDxLivermore, advisory board for Avatar Research Institute and the Open Science Alliance and is a founding board member for California Health Corps.  She is also a judge for the East Bay Innovation Awards (2103 & 2014).  She has most recently been working at Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland furthering her basic research in microbial genomics and inheritance patterns.

Service Thinking, USA


Jeff Saperstein is an author, teacher, consultant, and enabler in how technology can be used to create growth in regional economic development and success for organizations.  He has worked with governments, corporations, and NGO’s. Co-founder with Hunter Hastings of Group CVC – signifying Co-creating Value with Customers – is a consulting company that applies the Service Thinking Framework to the discovery of new service innovation opportunities for clients. Jeff has co-authored eight books and three business case studies focused upon best practices for innovation and has just published: Service Thinking: Seven Principles to Discover Innovative Opportunities, Business Expert Press, 2014. “One take on this book from Jeff and Hunter is that indeed "Service is Everything and Everything is Service".  Professor Alan Barrell, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Cambridge, England.

Energy, USA


Jonathan Trent received his Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography; He worked at the Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine at Yale Medical School studying cell adaptation mechanisms to high temperature. At Argonne National Laboratory he developed biotechnology and bioremediation research using organisms from extreme environments.  In 1998, he moved to NASA Ames Research Center to be part of the newly established Astrobiology Institute.  Shortly after coming to NASA he formed the Protein Nanotechnology Research Group and became an Adjunct Professor at UC Santa Cruz in the Dept. of Bio molecular Engineering.  In 2007, with support from Google, he shifted his research focus to Global Research into Energy and the Environment at NASA (GREEN) and in 2008 he invented OMEGA (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae). He raised $10.8M from NASA and the California Energy Commission to evaluate the feasibility of the OMEGA system to provide sustainable biofuels from wastewater and CO2 without competing with agriculture for water, fertilizer, or land; to provide solar electricity from the offshore platform; to recycle wastewater as potable water, and to supplement food supplies by providing an infrastructure for aquaculture. He is now leading the “OMEGA Global Initiative” to establish the first OMEGA demonstration project in a protected bay somewhere in the world.   In addition to work at NASA and UC Santa Cruz, Jonathan is an adjunct professor at Tokyo University for Agriculture and Technology in Japan and a lifetime fellow of the California Academy of Science.  He has been identified as one of the PE100 – the Purpose Economy 100  Video TedGlobal talk

Leadership Magic, Japan, USA @kwiefling


Kimberly Wiefling is the creator of “The Possibilities Toolbox – 12 Keys to an Unstoppable Team”, a global business leadership consultant, and a force of nature – the good kind! Management is not leadership, and a group of people is not a team.  In typical Silicon Valley style, she helped to start, run, and grow about a dozen small businesses, some of which are still in business and profitable. Clients include Cisco Systems, Symantec, Intuit, HP, Agilent Technologies, Mazda, Daiichi Sankyo, Dow Corning Toray, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the University of California, Siemens, Hitachi, Alcoa, Xerox PARC, NECsoft, NTT DoCoMo, and more. 
She works with a team of people who deliver intensive workshops that enable participants to achieve what seems impossible but is merely difficult. The founder of Wiefling Consulting and author of Scrappy Project Management, she’s determined to transform Planet Earth one inspired and engaged team at a time.

More of our distinguished speakers will be added in the coming days

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We are coming together with the intention of collaborating for impact -at a moment in history when the new frontiers of science, technology and human knowledge are opening great new windows of opportunity for small and large scale enterprise. Just when current models of commerce and enterprise are upturned and re-invented in neighborhoods, nations, we find ourselves in a connected world connects communicating as one system for the very first time.

Humanitarian initiatives, like government and industry, are shifting to new modes of mobilizing for impact, re-considering ideas and policies: This next global transformation could lead to the thriving of billions of lives. Or not.

We are beginning a needed conversation, convening a special group to be the founding members of the Franchise for Humanity. Invitees will be those who have engaged in whole systems change in complex chaotic environments – from real hands on, unsantized experience, this is the group able to imagine together how to transition people to move beyond survival, to thrive. People like Martin Fisher of Kickstart.com who has transitioned 770,000 out of poverty in Africa.

In Silicon Valley, at Stanford University, home to game changers, we bring together on February 20-21, a curated group who have explored the coordinates and mapped the thoroughfares, wise yet still learning. People  who want to stretch and connect with others who see other parts of the picture. Together we can see further and by our interaction, connect diverse dots, gain insight from perceptive perspectives to gain strategic clarity about how to enact and scale a Franchise for Humanity.

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Where we will end up, is hidden in plain sight. Seeking our whole lives, clues may pop up and we may not see them. Together, we may discover what we have long sought.

Convenors Kimberly King and Mei Lin Fung bring together their networks of global humanitarian pioneers and Silicon Valley leaders for dialog, action and impact.



“We can succeed only by concert. It is not "can any of us imagine better?" but, "can we all do better?" The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.”  

A. Lincoln 1862


February 20 – 2014 – Nora Suppes Hall, 224 Panama Road

8:00 am     Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 am    Welcome - MC - Denise O'Brien

8:45 am Reaping Abundance – Sandra Bates author ofThe Social Innovation Imperative”

9:15 am    Aspiring Together - Kimberly King

9:30 am   Panel 1: “Can we all do better?” - Aspiration

Jonathan Trent     “We are the crew of spaceship Earth”

Jacqueline Chan    “Youth, Health and Beyond”

Kimberly Wiefling  “Leadership Magic”

10:00 am Break

10:30 am World Café –Jonathan Trent, Jacqueline Chan, Kimberly Wiefling

11:30 am Whole of Room: Learnings, Feedback – Eileen Clegg – Visual Journalist

Noon – Lunch – Take a Walking and Talking Break around Stanford Campus

1:00 pm   The Participation Economy – Nathan James 

1:30 pm   Panel 2: “We must rise with the occasion” – Participation

Jim Caldwell – China-US Green Energy Council – “Bridging Cultures”

John Mattison – Kaiser Permanente “The Symphony of Wellness”

Dan Desmond – The BEACH – “Negotiating and Respecting Perspectives”

Kevin Montgomery – www.Collaborate.org  Tools for Participation

2:15 pm   World Café – Jim Caldwell, Dan Desmond & Mei Lin Fung, Kevin Montgomery

3:15 pm   Break

3:45 pm  Keynote: Richard Dasher, Director - Stanford Center for Integrated Systems

4:15 pm Participation Exercise – Terry Beaubois & Kennan Salinero

4:45 pm Check in planning for Friday - Denise O’Brien

5:00 pm  Nora Suppes Hall Session Ends - Walk to dSchool (Stanford Institute for Design)

5:15 – 6:30 pm  dSchool Evening social - & preparation for Friday Demo Day


Friday Feb 21 – Stanford dSchool in the morning

8:00 am   Registration - Continental Breakfast

8:30 am   Good Morning – Welcome Back – Denise O’Brien

8:45 am   Personal Resilience & Scaling - Steven Leventhal www.Corstone.org 

9:15 am   dSchool Part 1 – Story Telling & Walking Around – Terry Beaubois Moderator

John de Graaf   The Happiness Initiative

10:15 am Women & Leadership – an Interactive exercise - Francine Gordon

10:45 am dSchool Part 2 – Story Telling & Walking Around - Terry Beaubois Moderator

Antonio Hernandez   HOSA-Future Health Professionals

Valerie Landau  Transforming Health Education

Betsy Burroughts From Idea to Insight to Action

11:50 am Pick up Brown Bag lunch

Noon - Tour of dSchool - lead by Ade Mabogunje

1 pm  Walk back to Nora Suppes Hall, 224 Panama Road

1:15 pm Welcome back to our final session – Denise O’Brien

1:30 pm Learning What’s Next – Brandon Hall

2:15 pm Panel 3; “We must think anew, and act anew” – Gear Shift to Think Anew, Act Anew

Jeff Saperstein – Service Thinking

Tatyana Kanzaveli  - Open Cancer Network

April Green – Giving in America & Launch Pad

Marje Etheridge – Connecting CEO’s and Youth

3:15 pm Break

3:45 pm Global Student Entrepreneurship: ASVEN Tom Kosnik & Bao Jia Tan

4:00 pm Reaping Abundance– Interactive exercise – Sandy Bates

5:00 pm Awards and Recognition Ceremony – Denise O’Brien and Mei Lin Fung

5:30 pm Completion of Franchise for Humanity Gathering


Optional – Dinner together in downtown Palo Alto or at the Palo Alto Town and Country Village.

Kimberly King is co-founder and Executive Director of One Island Institute. She is an internationally recognized social entrepreneur, strategy consultant and global change agent in the fields of multi-sector partnerships and civic engagement, cause-branding and multimedia; peacebuilding and economic development, and the empowerment of women & girls.

Kings unique perspective reflects 25 years as a pioneer in whole-systems thinking and development representing trade associations, Fortune 500s, governments; arts & media, NGOs and the United Nations. Collaborative partners include: American Express, AT&T, Coca-Cola, AARP, Credit Union National Association, City of LA; Los Angeles Economic Development Corp, the World Trade Center Association; Golden Globe Awards, NBC, PBS; Ethical Marketplace, UN-FPA and UNDP. King’s innovative designs and marketing strategies have generated an estimated 4 billion dollars in sales for clients to date.

Kimberly is President and CEO of The Peace Company, a “for benefit” social enterprise which supports education and empowerment for women and girls. She has been a founder and lead organizer of numerous networks & CSO’s including the Global Action Network, the National Museum of Women’s History, Stand Up and Vote – Transpartisan Dialogs, & Women Uniting for Humanity. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Interfaith Observer, Dog Meets World, the Women, Faith and Development Alliance, US Women Connect, and is an NGO Liaison to the UN Commission on Women. She is also a member of the Founding Circle and Leadership Circle of One Future One Planet.

King is a global dialogue convener, speaker and media producer, and featured Co-author in “The Power of Team” and best selling series “Wake Up, Live the Life You Love.” A true global citizen, Kimberly has worked & traveled to more than 70 countries and is an honored recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Global Humanitarian Award.

Mei Lin Fung is the co-founder of the California Health Corps, a volunteer organization with the vision of catalyzing human potential to re-imagine health. She was invited to develop and apply Internet pioneer Douglas Engelbart’s framework for Networked Improvement Communities within a special think tank team set up by the US Air Force Surgeon General. From 2009 to 2013, Mei Lin served as the Socio-Technical Lead for the Health Futures project at the US Dept. of Defense. Mei Lin set up the first Registered Apprenticeship in Customer Care and helped to make Wellness Coaches a new job standard, working closely with the Office of Apprenticeship in the US Dept. of Labor.  She writes and consults on harnessing local communities as learning systems and models for innovation. Mei Lin co-founded the Program for the Future and www.FutureTalk.net, a community access  TV program on the global and social implications of advances in science and technology.

At MIT, pursuing her graduate degree in Management Science, she studied under future Nobel Economics Prize winners Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton, also under Finance professor Fisher Black, known for the Black-Scholes Options Pricing model. She has lived in Silicon Valley for over 30 years, working at Intel and Oracle, where she was one of the pioneers of what has become a multi-billion dollar industry CRM (Customer Relationship Management) industry. Her experience with innovators who transformed industries gives her deep appreciation for the people in the heart of things, and the importance of designing in compassion and empathy if we want systems that can evolve to serve humanity. Mei Lin studied on four continents, brings the experience of living through the transformation of Singapore from poverty-stricken to one of the world’s wealthiest (per capita) nations and is honored to join forces with Kimberly King to convene the Franchise for Humanity.

Marje’ Etheridge is extraordinary at keeping fun and creativity in all she does. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in St. Louis, Missouri by a single mom, Marje’ is a graduate of St. Louis University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Mathematical Computer Science. She attended graduate school at Howard University in Washington, DC. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1989 she started at BellSouth Mobility as a temporary clerk. In three weeks, they hired her as a Systems Analyst. In 1995 she received an award as a Corporate Ambassador.

Her first entrepreneurial venture Glorious Treasures focused on decorative crafts which she sold and taught for 12 years throughout Atlanta’s Senior Multipurpose Centers. In 2001 she released her first CD entitled, ”A Love Invasion”.

Her brother was murdered in 1996 at the age of 21. His world was filled with violence and death reflected in his videos and the lyrics. In 2005, Marje’ entered the non-profit and faith-based world working as a Program Manager for One Economy Corporation. She started her own foundation, CrimeOut, to help youth see that crime doesn’t pay, she designed the marketing campaign “Dream to Lead” for youth to get involved in the political arena for positive community impact. She  was instrumental in starting “I’m BooKed!” www.bookedatlanta.com to inspire kids to read.

In 2007, Marje’ started DreamMart International, LLC for helping people live their dreams. She co-founded the Better World Tour with an agenda to drive socially responsible media, sustainable living and literacy in America. Marje’ is an Executive Film Producer of an upcoming major motion picture that sheds light on human trafficking in Atlanta. She is producing “Look Who’s Cooking” to address the obesity problem in America’s youth. Marje’s civic have attracted many influential people who are instrumental to her success.