• Haworth Show Room (map)
  • 555 Mission Street, Suite 1950
  • San Francisco CA 94105

Hosted by: House of Genius

House of Genius Global Innovation Week "Open House"

Wednesday, February 19, 6:30PM-9:00PM

Haworth Show Room, 555 Mission Street, Suite 1950, San Francisco CA 94105 USA

Celebrate Global Innovation Week (innosummit.com) with House ofGenius (houseofgenius.org) as we give the public a chance to see this highly collaborative process in action. Now a global movement, House of Genius moves entrepreneurship forward by bringing a diverse community together to help new venture creators overcome their barriers to success. The practice of anonymity (introductions come last) and diversity (of backgrounds) completely changes the meaning of networking.

Reception follows. $20, complimentary beverages.

For tickets (http://bit.ly/1lPL1Th)

Hosted by: Haworth (haworth.com).