Skoll Foundation
For me, the Summit was a new perspective on how to achieve impactful value. In my first Design Lab, we were assigned to small teams in a massive real-time, hands-on “laboratory.” Every participant contributed their Rainforest Scorecard data to build the first-ever mapping of global innovation ecosystems onto Rainforest Radar charts. Judging by my table, people couldn’t help one another fast enough.  It struck me that this small bit of pre-work unlocked clarity and focus for those attending…thus allowing for relationships and productive conversation to happen rapidly and with purpose. Read more here


Understanding and Measuring Innovation Ecosystems at the Global Innovation Summit

United States Department of Commerce
What goes in to creating an innovation ecosystem? How do you create culture? Can you create a culture? These are all questions that the U.S. Economic Development Administration grapples with every day. Read more here.


Empathy and Teamwork Are Key for Building Innovation Ecosystems


The predominant metaphor for the Summit is that of a rainforest, where we may all be competing for a finite amount of sunlight at the top, we must lock hands in the soil if we’re ever going to make it (the way that tall redwoods lock their root systems). In other words: innovation and entrepreneurship is not just about ruthless competition and individual triumph, but actually thrives in environments of trust, sharing, collaboration, and yes, empathy. Read more here.


Global Innovation Summit: the US & EU connection

European Young Innovators Forum

There is an invisible bridge crossing the ocean. It goes from Europe to the US.  The European startups have a shared culture of doing, learning and building solutions. No matter where you innovate - innovation is now global and that is exactly what the Global Innovation Summit celebrates.
Read more here.


And the Oscar goes to...


The room was packed with people from Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mexico, UK, and USA: what could be more inspiring? It’s all about finding inspiration for innovation in unexpected places at the Global Innovation Summit. Read more here.



The Age of Fast Industries and Ecosystems


Up until a few years ago launching a new industry would take decades. But things have changed. Today, we are reaching a point where it is possible to create new industries and build new ecosystems in a few years. The Summit hosted a large gathering in the Silicon Valley showcasing recent examples of ecosystem building and exploring new tools, methods, models, networks and strategies for how one can drive such large scale change. Everyone can learn to launch an ecosystem. Read more here.


Learn About The Power of Innovation Ecosystems at the Global Innovation Summit


The Global Innovation Summit believes that innovation thrives in ecosystems based on certain cultural norms, such as openness to strangers, diversity in talents and insights, empathy with outsiders, collaborative risk-taking and pay it forward. Read more here.