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Opening Ceremony & Keynote

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 – 1pm

Opening Ceremony: A New Paradigm for a New Economy

A new economic model, one that nurtures the growth of ecosystems that foster successful new ideas, solutions, and ventures.

Opening Keynote Interview: The New Capitalism

Entrepreneurs and innovators are defining a new style of capitalism, one that is based on collaborative teams, shared success among diverse parties.

Opening Case Study

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Opening Case Study: The Shinola Story

Why open a watch factory in Detroit? Shinola has created an entire ecosystem around the art of manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Conversations #1: Design

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – 11:30am

Innovation Inside: Building Innovative Teams

The art of building innovative teams requires skill, vision, perseverance, and the right culture. But how do groups of distinct individuals become high-functioning teams?

Case Studies: Design of Startup Ecosystems

How do you catalyze innovation from the very beginning, and how do you change entire systems to support the innovators themselves? These case studies will examine how large organizations, across entire regions, can become keystones of innovation ecosystems.

Rubiks’ Cubed: Creative Problem Solving at Scale

Every ecosystem has its creative individuals, but what makes creativity happen at large scale? We’ll explore how to construct entire ecosystems in pursuit of creative solutions.

Educated Insight: The Reinvention of Learning

What happens to education when students seek innovation skills as much as raw knowledge? From charter schools and online universities, to maker-spaces and project-based learning, we’ll examine where education is heading, and how we should adapt for the benefit of workers everywhere.

Conversations #2: Capital

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – 2pm

Atlas Hugged: When Big Money Builds Global Ecosystems

Financial institutions are critical players in ecosystems. This panel will examine institutions that have responsibility for managing significant amounts of capital, yet are redefining the role of capital in growing more than their immediate portfolios.

Case Study: Investing By Geography

How do you invest capital while simultaneously investing in the ecosystem? How do you create sustainable risk capital in emerging geographies? These two case studies feature regions that seem different yet share similar challenges. Come learn how leaders in Egypt and Upstate New York are using capital as a transformative lever.

Making it Matter: Impact Investing at the Cutting Edge

We’ll hear from some of impact’s leading practitioners, learn how they approach the dual challenges of making money while doing good, explore the ecosystem that has arisen to support their work, and dive into the decision-making behind investments that are changing the world.

Catching Waves: Investing in Emerging Ecosystems

We’ll explore how early-stage investments are made around the world. Whether it’s microlending in Africa, venture capital in Asia and Latin America, or angel investors in urban America.

Case Studies: Designing Ecosystems

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – 3:15pm

Case Study: Crowdfunding: Circling Up 

How do you create capital ecosystems to invest in new ideas that couldn't access capital before? We'll focus on particular methods and real examples, while learning from a leader in the field. Building new ecosystems for capital can be transformational, and this case study will shed light on just how that transformation might be achieved.

Case Study: The Catchafire Story

How do you ignite a market? How do you begin to transform a sector? Catchafire has created an ecosystem of service, driven millions of dollars worth of benefit to non-profits and companies, built a tech platform for good, and made a market where none existed.

Case Study: Financial Health: New Solutions for Underserved Markets 

What happens when an underserved market intersects with an overlooked opportunity? This case study will explore how firms collaborate to change the landscape of financial access in America.

Conversation #3: Leadership

Thursday, February 19, 2015 – 9am

Phoenix Rising: Triumph Over Crisis

We’ll explore leadership models that succeeded, stories of communities that pulled together, and the many ways that ecosystems can triumph over crisis.

Insight Included: Diversity by Design

We’ll talk about concrete steps, using real-world examples, that can help leaders of ecosystems everywhere enhance diversity into teams, accelerate the process for diverse parties to come together, and increase the speed of innovation at scale.

Case Studies: Leading the Technology Commercialization Process

How do you bridge the gaps between ideas, research, and actual product? We'll examine some of the leading methods to make the jump, using examples of life-changing products that spun out of research labs and into the hands of consumers across the globe.

Case Studies: Leading Public Policy to Grow Ecosystems

How can public policy forge an innovative culture? We'll learn from leaders who've been at the heart of ecosystem change, and have used the tools of public policy to make it happen.

Closing Keynote Conversation

Thursday, February 19, 2015 – 10:45am

Closing Keynote Conversation: Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Where does the entrepreneurial spirit come from? How to encourage more of it? This keynote interview features two of the most influential supporters of entrepreneurship in the world, one in social impact, and the other in the Middle East. They will share insights, stories, and lessons on how to foster innovative risk-taking everywhere.